Why Dogs Need to Exercise


Why Exercise Dogs?

Dogs are genetically built for active lifestyles.
Dog’s descendant and wild relative, the wolf, averages 30-60 miles per day on foot. Wild dogs spend their whole lives in motion – hunting, scavenging, raising offspring, defending territory, and playing.

Many breeds are bred for high-energy work.
Dogs have worked alongside humans for thousands of years, herding, hunting, guarding, retrieving, and transporting. Some examples include terriers, pointers, shepherds, hounds, curs, setters, spaniels, retrievers, pinschers, cattle dogs, water dogs, schnauzers, mastiffs, spitzes, collies, huskies, and more. Breeds with such backgrounds, in lieu of these activities, need an outlet for their excess energy.

Exercise improves physical health.
Like humans, dogs reap many physical health benefits from exercising. Exercise strengthens their immune system, helping them ward off illness and prevent disease. It strengthens their body by promoting bone and muscle strength and by increasing speed and stamina. And it optimizes their weight level, preventing the many complications that come with being overweight.

Exercise improves mental health.
An exercised dog will be calm and relaxed, instead of restless or anxious. It will be happier and will sleep better.

Exercise improves behavioral issues.
When energy is not released through exercise, especially in the case of high-energy breeds, it may come out in other ways, such as chewing, digging, excessive barking, aggression, or anxiety. Regular exercise improves and sometimes entirely reverses these negative behaviors.

Exercising with others satisfies dogs’ social needs.
Dogs are social animals, requiring regular interaction with others. Exercising with a human or alongside a small pack of other dogs improves a dog’s social skills and adds an extra mental stimulation that increases its enjoyment of the activity.

Regular exercise may save money in the long run.
The physical and behavioral health benefits of exercise may end up saving you a lot of money down the road, on such things as vet bills and training expenses.

Dogs love exercising.
It’s obvious!

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