A Man And His Dogs


Well, it’s that day. Although I’ve lived with dogs, and even grown up with them. It is the first day I will ever have my own. Today I am off to the local Retired Greyhound Trust branch, to pick up my new dog. And yes, she is a greyhound, in case it wasn’t obvious enough?

She is called Aero, and she is a lovely little thing. The kind lady at the RGT branch took me around the kennels the first time I went. And there were cuter dogs, and louder dogs and all sorts of greyhounds. But she was the only one who still looked shell-shocked from the change, and I felt so sorry for her, and when she decided to come over, she sniffed my fingers, unlike most of the other dogs, who all stuck their noses out for a fuss. I later discovered she had only been there a month, hence why she was so shy still.

However, having passed the house check (not much to do there, a one bed flat doesn’t need much of a tour), I am going to pick her up within the next few hours. I have spent the last week preparing for her. She has a lovely 13.5 tog duvet folded up ready (it’s a nicer duvet than mine), some toys to welcome her with, even a little stand for her bowls. I *may* have gone a little over the top.

Anyway, when I get back the Ill update, but for now here is a picture of her. I don’t exactly approve of the pink scarf around her weak neck. It makes her look a little desperate, not to mention the pink. But you can see how lovely she is here:
As I’m sure any dog lover would understand, I am both excited and a little apprehensive. I can barely wait to get her home and show her the ropes. But at the same time, I’ve never owned a dog before. Although I have grown up with dogs, ever since I was 3, I have never had the responsibility of this before. I have a list longer than me (which is quite impressive as I’m 6 foot 8 inches tall) of what I have to do. I’ve got to get dog insurance, organize a vet visit, get worming/flea treatments organized, buy some food the list goes on and on. The other reason I’m apprehensive is I can’t help but be worried if she doesn’t like me, or doesn’t get on with my mom’s dogs (more on that later). Still, it will definitely all be worth it. Are there any dog lovers reading this? Because if so, could you kindly leave some comments, about whether you felt like this with your first dog? I mean, I think the worry is last minute jitters, but it would be nice to know everyone else’s thoughts.

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